Nissan Rogue Comes in Handy When You’re Battling a Marauding Band of Evil Snowmen

Cold-blooded killers

Next time you're caught driving in a winter storm, Nissan Canada wants you to be grateful you're only dealing with the natural elements and not a supernatural mob of malicious snowmen who are hell bent on destroying everything around them.

Unless you're driving a Nissan Rogue, in which case be happy knowing that if the evil snowmen do magically appear, you can use your all-wheel drive to plow through them like you're playing a less twisted version of Carmageddon, and save all the poor rubes driving other makes and models by letting them pile into the back of your roomy interior.

The creatures in this new spot, from TBWA Toronto, may happily remind Calvin and Hobbes fans of The Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons. More generally, it's a neat, fresh way for Nissan to dramatize the product's suitability for harsh weather conditions—full of entertaining moments like the angry snowmen beating the crap out of a snow blower with snow shovels, and the perfectly creepy head cock one offers right before getting pancaked.

Now all we want to know is where we can get one to keep as a pet.

Credits below.


Client: Nissan Canada

Agency: TBWA, Toronto

Executive Creative Director: Allen Oke

Creative Director: Rodger Eyre

Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Susie Lee

Copywriter: Jonah Flynn

Head of Broadcast: Nadya Macneil

Production House: Sons and Daughters

Director: Mark Zibert

Director of Photography: Chris Soos

Executive Producer: Liane Thomas

Line Producer: Neil Bartley

Editing: Poster Boy

Executive Producer: Michelle Rich

Editor: Mark Paiva

Editing Assistant: Johnny Okkerse

Transfer: Alter Ego

Colorist: Wade Odlum

Effects: Legacy Effects

Effects Technicians: Shane Mahan, Mark Killingsworth

Postproduction: The Mill

Producer: Jeremy Moore

Compositing Lead, Visual Effects Supervisor: Kyle Cody

Computer Graphics Lead: Jeff Dates

Visual Effects Supervisor: Andreas Berner

Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham

Audio House: Eggplant

Head of Production: Nicola Treadgold

Director: Adam Damelin

Engineer: Nathan Handy


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