Nissan Offers Horsepower, Not Damn Singing Ponies

Here's your crazy car commercial of the day—a spot from Nissan Brazil (by Lew'Lara\TBWA in São Paulo) in which the hood of a rival vehicle is popped open to reveal an engine powered by jolly "pôneis malditos" (translation: "damn ponies"). The jingle—with lyrics to the effect of "Damn ponies, damn ponies/Come get stuck with us/I hate mud, I hate sludge/What a yuck! I won't get moving"—is positively Japanese in its cloying addictive weirdness. After the spot is over, a good little pony tells you not close the window, and then an evil one demands that you share it with 10 friends. That menacing command seems to be working. Posted on Friday, the official video is already over 2 million views. See a version with subtitles here.