Nissan Leaf Imagines a World Where Everything Runs on Gas

Here's a great new 60-second spot by Nissan for its all-electric Leaf. The automaker, with help from TBWA\Chiat\Day, imagines a world in which all appliances run on gasoline. While the environmentally minded might point out that U.S. electricity still overwhelmingly comes from fossil fuels, the ad at least helps you appreciate the fact that only 1 percent of our outlet juice is powered by petroleum. (Activists can feel free to work on their own "If Everything Ran on Coal" commercial, which would probably be even funnier.) Notice that the spot ends on the driver fueling up a Chevrolet Volt, which is itself a plug-in vehicle but requires gasoline to go any farther than 50 miles or so. While Nissan could have shown almost any car getting gassed up, I like that they used the opportunity to ding the Volt as a pretender to the electric throne.