Nine vixens give vegans a voice

Vixens_2You have to hand it to former Fredericks of Hollywood model Sky Valencia. During prime barbecue-grilling season, when burgers, chicken and ribs are main courses and side dishes, she has been praising the virtues of veganism on her public-access TV show, The Vegan Vixens. Clad in low-cut hemp clothing and tooling around town in their veggie-oil-powered van, these nine leggy chicks aim to teach “the beer-drinking, Howard Stern-watching guys” that PETA and bean dip can be sexy. But are these ladies biting off more than they can chew? While enough men are tuning in to whet the appetite of SpikeTV (the women are waiting to hear about a possible series on the manly-man net), I have my doubts as to how many viewers will rush to turn in their steak knives, no matter how juicy the mangos offered up by the Vixens.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

Photo: Ken Marcus