Nike’s Coffee-Looking Shoe Will Go Nicely With the Krispy Kreme One

Available in venti?

There's probably a sizable crossover between people who drink Starbucks regularly and people who wear Nikes. But unless they also like ugly shoes, the Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker is going to be a bust. 

The retro-style shoe has the same mocha and kelly green color scheme as the Starbucks logo, and some swirly, camouflage-looking embellishments for good measure. It was inspired by coffee, according to The Boombox, and Premier, which is selling it, has been using Starbucks cups in its product shots. (This is not an official Nike-Starbucks partnership.) 

They're like a companion piece for the equally baffling Nike Krispy Kreme and waffle-inspired sneakers, but there's otherwise no pressing reason for this pairing. It falls in line with a recent trend of apparel brands making junk-food-themed stuff, which in and of itself is kind of embarrassing.

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