Nike Glimpses the Future With Stunning Interactive Camp Victory

Olympic-timed installation in Oregon

Nike's been going in a weird man-becomes-machine direction lately, so it's no surprise that its Olympic-times Camp Victory installation in Eugene, Ore.—a collaboration with design agency Hush, Skylab and others—looked like part of the set from The Bourne Identity. Built at the site of the U.S. Track & Field Trials, Camp Victory was pretty much an interactive showcase of current and future Nike products, but the two-way parts were pretty cool and do way more than just shill the brand. The site featured a 15-foot-tall LED wall that offered a visualization of the fastest runs from the Olympic trials, head-to-head treadmill challenges, and fully explorable 3-D heat maps of local Oregon running terrain. And to think, the whole thing was an homage to Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, who started the company to sell track shoes out of his car. If he'd seen Camp Victory, his head would have exploded. More at Co.Design.