Nike Giving Away Weird Shoes to Weirdest 'ParaNorman' Fans

Twitter contest calls for odd childhood pics

Nike and LAIKA Studios are reaching out to weirdos with a Twitter contest promoting the movie ParaNorman, which hit theaters last week. Fans who follow ParaNorman's official Twitter account @ParaNorman are asked to tweet awkward photos from their childhood, along with the hashtag #weirdwins, for a chance to win one of 800 pairs of Foamposite shoes inspired by the movie. The public's definition of weird is nothing if not elastic. But since this is the Internet, I'm sure the judges will see at least one photo that will make them wish they could retroactively call CPS on the entrant's parents. It's still a neat idea, though, and this movie was the perfect vehicle for it. I can't say the same giveaway would have worked for, say, The Hunger Games. Via PSFK.