The nightlife lately has gone to the dogs

“At Mickey’s first evening at a nightclub he listened to loud music, scoffed appetizers and lapped up cocktails of chicken soup and beet juice instead of gin or vodka.” Sounds a bit strange, as if Mickey were a 35-year-old shut-in whose mother lured him upstairs by turning up the stereo and putting a strobe light in the den. But the truth is stranger: Mickey is a dog. According to Reuters, he was among 50 dogs at a party in Boston held by SkyBark, a club in L.A. that promises “a new trend toward nightlife where humans are encouraged to bring their dogs.” Which sounds nice and all, but in many cases, these parties are sponsored by companies with extravagant dog products to sell. Needless to say, this whole thing strikes me as a waste of time. Granted, it started in California, which has made industries out of wasting time, but I could let my dog socialize in the park for free, and without having some jerk try to sell me a $540 leather dog jacket over martinis. But if these clubs do catch on, they might make nightlife a little easier for women; next time they’re out on the dance floor and feel something humping their leg, it migh be Rex, and not his owner.

—Posted by David Kiefaber