The night Bill Pullman became Bull Pillman

Voiceover artists are used to the art of the retake, but Joan Baker learned recently that mistakes can pay off. She was the off-screen announcer for tonight’s taped tribute to Will Smith on Bravo and flubbed the intro for actor Bill Pullman. During the taping, she called him "Bull Pillman," and his riff on the mistake had the celebrity-packed audience—especially Smith—cracking up. "There are a lot of mistakes that happen in voiceover," Baker told AdFreak. "But I was lucky that people thought this one was funny." The New York-based voice coach has been heard in TV spots for Lenscrafters and ESPN and in radio spots for The New York Times. Oh, and if you’re ever in Little Rock, Ark., she is also the voice of a documentary at the William Jefferson Clinton Library.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey