A nice public Tasering can hurt so good

Taser Boy, aka Andrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who was literally shocked by campus cops (video here) during a rowdy Q&A session with Sen. John Kerry on Monday, better enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Such notoriety is fleeting, though the episode underscores the paradigm that defines our hyper-media-savvy times. Meyer’s Tasering was real and was surely painful (just ask the executives at Taser International), but his antics were apparently also designed to generate online video and launch his name through the blogosphere. I’m all too happy to oblige with this post, savoring my role as a link in the chain. We are all media, after all, constantly creating and refining a reality that exists both on screen and in the physical realm. Meyer’s a case in point, crafting a reality for the purpose of perpetuating it in cyberspace, and in turn sending reverberations back into the “real world.” The barriers are strictly semantic anyway: The “real” and “cyber” worlds are basically the same. In Meyer’s case, if multimedia proliferation is his goal, perhaps they can save a slot for him in Jackass No. 3.

—Posted by David Gianatasio