Nice Guys on Tinder Turn Nasty in This PSA Campaign About Domestic Violence

Photo albums as brutal banner ads

We've seen a few different Tinder hacks from marketers, but here's an interesting one that gets at the heart of the dark side of relationships.

An organization called Women in Distress created fake profiles on the popular dating app for three different "abusers." As users swiped through their photo albums, the guys went from nice to nasty, eventually going to far as to throw a punch.

The Bravo/Y&R creatives "liked" every woman's profile they encountered in the first four weeks, so even if a woman simply liked the man's photo without seeing his whole album, she was prompted to look at the album when the "match" chat window opened.

The point, says ad agency Bravo/Y&R, is that even nice guys can become violent fast, and that women need to "look for help at the first sign of things turning ugly."

There are certainly a few problems with the execution. The guys look a little cartoonish in the images. Plus, the whole thing is a bit spammy—and the lack of a trigger warning might be problematic. Still, it's well intentioned and might get Tinder users thinking about what they really want out of a relationship.


Client: Women In Distress

Project: Tinder Beater

Agency: Bravo/Y&R, Miami

Chief Creative Officer: Claudio Lima

Art Director: Gabriel Jardim

Photographer: Mauricio Candela

Motion: Fernando Lancas