NFL unveils logo for next year’s Super Bowl

Super_bowl_xliii_logo The NFL doesn’t waste much time. Immediately following the Super Bowl on Sunday night, the league put up a billboard in Phoenix that read, “See you in Tampa Bay.” That’s the site of Super Bowl XLIII a year from now. Then, last night, the Super Bowl XLIII logo (shown here) was unveiled on NBC, which will broadcast the game. According to the NFL: “The Super Bowl XLIII game logo was created to reflect the natural elements of Tampa Bay, including the blue and green hues of the regional waterways and landscapes. The design showcases an abstract representation of a stadium and field. The stars on either side of the logo symbolize the AFC and NFC Conferences, a tradition that began with the Super Bowl XL logo. This represents the first time this color green has been used in an official game logo.” And a lovely green it is.

—Posted by Tim Nudd