Next ad medium: scratch ’n’ sniff posters?

A company called Flavor Paper recently began marketing scratch ’n’ sniff wallpaper. Someone has to, I guess. Oddly, the most intriguing designs (“Fishnet,” “Party Girl” and “Pleasure Dome”) are just to look at, not sniff. Still, this concept has possibilities for advertising (and not just because the business has really begun to stink lately). We’ve seen flavor strips in magazines and aromatic LCD displays. Why not scratch ’n’ sniff posters on bus shelters and in subways? Flavor Paper’s smelly fare includes tamer scents like bananas, cherries and tutti frutti. My cubicle walls smell like coffee, Snickers bars and peppermint schnapps, though that’s more a testament to my work habits any Flavor Paper order. There’s also a hint of perspiration and defeat … oh sorry, that’s not the wall, that’s just me.

—Posted by David Gianatasio