Newly Single? ManServants Is the Perfect (and Real) Antidote to Heartbreak and Netflix

Level up to a better model

So, you just dumped your boyfriend. Now it's time to kick your baggage, along with all the residual crap he left behind, to the curb. Where to turn? 

ManServants, a San Francisco-based startup, has the solution: Say hello to Heartbreak ManServant, a gorgeous, well-mannered, impeccably groomed guy who is not—we repeat, not—a gigolo. He's so much more useful than that! He'll help you delete the ex from social networks, burn his photos and prop you up with pep talks, sparkling smiles and mixed drinks. Other variants of ManServant will even do your housework

The promotional video below, by director Jenn Khoe, is your best introduction to the cheeky ManServants formula, whose spirit lands somewhere between an SNL skit and a wink: 

The hunky men at ManServants are trained to pamper, flatter and cater to the woman or man who orders them. For the Princess Bride fans out there, "As you wish" is one of their most-repeated phrases: He's the handsome alternative to your ugly cry, say the company's founders, former advertising copywriters Dalal Khajah and Josephine Wai Lin. 

ManServants debuted in fall 2014 as a PG-rated alternative to male strippers. It offers butler-bodyguard-cabana boy mashup services for special events like bachelorette and dinner parties, among other occasions. 

Because lots of romances end in the last few months of the year, ManServants launched a "holiday collection" aimed at taking the sting out of being newly single. Options in this special collection include Arm Candy ManServant, who'll brighten your dreary obligatory gatherings; and Domestic ManServant, who'll tidy up while telling you how fabulous you look before the big soirée. 

But you can't keep them; they're rentals. In fact, they're best when gifted from one friend to another … because your best pal can't stand to see you under the covers, eating carbs and bingeing on Netflix any longer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Set that three-fourths-empty wine bottle down. If you're moping around in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or the Gansevoort Hotel NYC (which is oddly specific … and probably won't help dampen the inevitable "escort" jokes), a whole array of ManServants is waiting to do your bidding.