'New York Times' Candle Smells Like Newsprint, Is Great for Vigils

Designer-artist Tobias Wong's final concept, a candle that smells like The New York Times, has been actualized by Various Projects and is now for sale. The candle is meant to give off the scent of newsprint, but all that "powdery note and velvet nuance" stuff in the description makes it sound like a mid-priced wine. And there's quite the paywall—the candle costs $65! Anyway, Wong was obsessed with pop-culture iconography, like every other graphic designer ever, and loved The New York Times—hence this candle project, which he unfortunately didn't live to see completed. (Wong died last year.) If they weren't so expensive, I'd buy one. I've always wanted my apartment to smell like hubristic collapse. Via PSFK.