New Supreme Court couple alert!

Harriet_miers_1If the never-married Harriet Miers is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, will the tabloids do their utmost to drum up a romance between her and the also-never-married justice David Souter? Let’s hope so. It would make a nice change from their usual breathless coverage of romances, real or imagined, between half-witted Hollywood celebs. And if the two justices were to hit it off, a wedding—presided over, presumably, by newly minted Chief Justice John Roberts—could be the most glamorous televised event in C-SPAN history. Meanwhile, people who like pit bulls will hope the breed’s controversial reputation benefits from the nomination of someone once described (by George Bush when he was still governor of Texas) as “a pit bull in size 6 shoes.” On the other hand, given the deep political divisions in the country, the link between a Bush nominee and pit bulls could increase agitation in some jurisdictions for laws to ban the breed.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver