New Showtime promo doesn’t mince words

Except for viewers, Showtime’s original series have it all: sex, beheadings, David Duchovny and loads of profanity. That’s the impression one gets from the new two-minute Showtime promo posted above. If nothing else, the video affirms beyond any doubt the pay cable network’s love of the word “shit.” Every character in the promo seems required to say “holy shit”; the background music is a song called “Holy Shit” by Centralia (“Holy, holy shit/We’ve got the world by the tit”); and the snappy on-screen slogan at the end reads, “Showtime original series. The best shit on television.” It’s a real shitstorm. By the end, you wonder whether the video really is, as the disclaimer says, “intended for a mature audience.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd