New Samsung Ad Mercilessly Mocks Apple Fans

Why wait in line, hipsters?

The divide between Apple and non-Apple users widens another yard or two with Samsung's new Galaxy S II ad from 72andsunny, in which people waiting in line for an unnamed competitor (that is obviously Apple) harass passersby who have other, bigger phones. Gotta say, the obvious gap between the whitebread, hipster Apple users and their preppy Samsung-using counterparts makes this ad somewhat uncomfortable to watch. While it's nice to see Apple getting a little flack for a change, the manufactured Sharks/Jets acrimony between the two camps is petty rather than cute. If it weren't for the few antitrust laws we still have, I'd think they were dating or something. Besides, other recent Samsung work pretty directly rips off a certain iconic Apple ad, so it's hard to take Samsung's jabs that seriously.