A new reason to think before you click

Rickroll These days, you’re never more than a YouTube link away from a sneak peek of next summer’s hottest movie or leaked footage from a revolutionary new video game. But there’s a dark side to this instant gratification—a horrifying malevolence that preys on our desire to see what’s next. It’s called a Rick Roll. Here’s how it works: You send out what you say is a link to a hilarious new ad or salacious viral video. But what you’re really directing friends to is the 1987 video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. It’s a prank that’s as bafflingly random as it is highly addictive. Try it today for an easy Friday pick-me-up. (But good luck ever sending your friends a real link again.) I’d have to say it’s easily the most fun I’ve had on the Internet since watching that Barry Bonds anti-drug PSA.

—Posted by David Griner