New Razorfish site awash in sound effects

Yesterday, Avenue A/Razorfish sent word that it’s dropping the Avenue A brand. This makes sense, since most people already referred to the agency as simply Razorfish. Ah, but there’s more: a "new all-Flash Web site." Awesome. I’m obsessed with cataloging the latest agency Web sites. Razorfish does the usual with its new offering, adding in links to company blogs and position papers. As promised, it also brings the Flash big time. What stands out to me are the sounds. There are lots of them. Every link seems to have its own sound effect. I spent a little time on the blog list trying to compose a sweet rendition of "Old McDonald" by mousing over the different options. (Somewhere, an editor is wondering why I haven’t filed my story yet.) More to the point, what does this do for the user experience? Are people clamoring for a noisier Web?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey