A new kind of underground music in Boston

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has determined that my daily commute isn’t crappy enough. Now, it’s begun piping its very own T-Radio into Boston subway stations to assault riders as we wait on the platforms for our trains. I’ll never be able to concentrate on dodging rats with T-Radio going full blast! The Associated Press, getting to the heart of the story, notes, “If it’s popular enough, the T will expand it and add commercials.” Since ads = dollars, you can bet the MBTA’s exhaustive research will pronounce the service “wick-ed popular” in no time. Even worse, “the success of the program will be measured by a team of Emerson students, who will survey T riders.” Emerson is a communications school with plenty of aspiring DJs, so unbiased research is guaranteed. After waiting 25 minutes for a C train yesterday, I was humming “Train in Vain,” and Park Street Station doesn’t even have T-Radio yet.

—Posted by David Gianatasio