New KFC ads give us a lot to unthink about

KFC wants its customers to be stoopid. Thick as bricks. The dimmer the better. Of course, that's not really the message of Draftfcb's "Unthink" campaign for the fast feeder, but it might as well be. The real message is that it's time to unthink preconceptions about KFC by using a word that isn't actually part of the English language. Isn't KFC always clashing with PETA over hen torture or something? Unthink about that for a while. Errol Morris apparently directed the TV spots. The guy won an Oscar a few years back. He was last spotted lensing ads for Depends. And now KFC. Errol might want to unthink his career trajectory. The worst element of all is the goofy dancing chick wielding drumsticks in both hands on the site. So awful, it's unthinkable!

—Posted by David Gianatasio