New Jersey’s political ads can be fun

Doug_forrester1Normally, we don’t sit around wishing the day would finally come when, as futurists predict, all the advertising we see is so customized that it aims right at our individual needs and desires. Except when it comes to watching endless attack ads in the New Jersey gubernatorial race, since we live in New York and are tired of watching the candidates beat up on each other when we have no interest in the outcome. Still, watching the ads has provided a little voyeuristic entertainment to those living on the opposite side of the Hudson—as in the current spot for the New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester, which quotes his opponent, Jon Corzine’s, ex-wife Joanne, who hasn’t been exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to discussing how her ex-husband’s political ambitions destroyed their marriage. Whew! Who knew political advertising could actually reach an even deeper low? The 15-second spot, which can be viewed here, simply pulls a quote that the former Mrs. Corzine gave on Wednesday to The New York Times: “When I saw the campaign ad where Andrea Forrester [Forrester’s wife] said, ‘Doug never let his family down and he won’t let New Jersey down,’ all I could think was that Jon did let his family down, and he’ll probably let New Jersey down, too.”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor