New Jersey scraps ‘Come see for yourself’

Well, this one didn’t last long. Over the weekend, New Jersey said it won’t be using its new tourism slogan, “Come see for yourself,” after all—not because it sucks, but because it’s been used before, apparently in West Virginia and possibly elsewhere too. The slogan was chosen in January following a statewide contest, after then-acting Gov. Richard J. Codey rejected a consultant’s suggested line, “We’ll win you over.” (Codey, possibly giving too much information, said he didn’t like that line because it reminded him of when he was single and dating.) Officials say they’ll do without a slogan for now, and won’t pick any of the four other finalists: “Love at first sight,” “The real deal,” “The best kept secret” and “Expect the unexpected.” Two other good lines, “What smells like feet?” and “Oooh, livin’ on a prayer,” were not among the finalists.

—Posted by Tim Nudd