New Jersey flustered by giant butt billboard


Gigantic female buttocks, covered in beads, rising high into the sky and blocking out the sun? Sure, we’ve all had such daydreams. Yet such a moon has risen for real on a Resorts Casino Hotel billboard above the Atlantic City, N.J., train station. Ah, New Jersey: the Classy State! The sign, touting a Jazz Age-themed cabaret show called Moonshine Follies (Moonshine, get it? I don’t) has caused a furor, with some folks demanding its removal. Perhaps they’re worried the gorgeous glutes will get loose and swallow up cars on the nearby expressway. Stranger stuff has been known to happen in New Jersey. One detractor tells the local media: “I think it needs to be taken down.” Absolutely! Take down what little covering those cheeks have and let them breathe a little! Now, who’s joining me at the craps table?