New Hoosier slogan: ‘Water is to fish as Indiana is to vacations’?

HoosiersIndiana is among the states currently looking for a new slogan. (Is there one that isn’t?) Having wisely decided that “Enjoy Indiana” really ain’t that good after all, the state’s tourism wizards are asking for some help. They’ve set up a section of their Web site to solicit ideas from the public, and they’re posting some of the submissions. Hopefully this posting process is automated. Or maybe these are, in fact, the best of the bunch: “Indiana. Number 1 in 50.” “Water is to fish as Indiana is to vacations.” “Visit Indiana and enter a state of euphoria.” “Visit Indiana: The state of four seasons.” “Indulge in Indiana.” “Join the IN crowd.” “Indiana. We’ll jump through hoops for you!” And our personal favorite: “Indiana!?” It’s a no-win situation, really. The public submits thousands of sucky ideas, the state ends up choosing one from an ad agency, and then the public bitches that they could’ve done better.

—Posted by Tim Nudd