The new FCB site—or where do we go from here?

The new Foote Cone & Belding Web site is finally up, and with that it’s time for another in our series of critiques of ad-agency Web sites. And once again, we’re afraid the agency involved has favored pretty pictures over usability. Take a look at the home page pictured here. You might guess that circles like the Oreo pictured in the bottom right will link to agency work, and you’d be right, at least in that case. But there’s the problem: Why should users have to guess at all? Only after you click on a circle—and are being sent elsewhere in the site—does divulge where it’s taking you. And who has patience for playing navigational roulette? In that context, it’s especially ill-advised to have the whole site built at the URL—you can’t go backwards without looking for the "home" link, and given the problem outlined above, you’ll want to be hitting the "back" button a lot. We’ve said enough now, except to remind everyone, we’re just here to help.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor