New autumn release: sex on a plane

CessnaWhile we can all agree that the airline industry has given up on customer service, corporate pilot Bob Smith has perhaps taken the term too literally. He’s offering Atlanta residents the chance to have sex in an airborne aircraft for a piddling $299. Partners are not provided, but “couples get a custom-fit bed, brand new sheets and a complimentary bottle of champagne.” Bob will even draw the curtains and put on headphones to ensure privacy. For a little extra money, we imagine Bob would block out any remaining noise by loudly humming the national anthem while pressing the headphones tightly against his ears. He’s that kind of guy. But what would inspire this service in the first place? Atlanta sex therapist Gloria Brame tells ABC News that “sex on airplanes has been around for almost as long as flights have existed,” and that copulation, at least for the non-wealthy, is usually furtive and achieved in tiny aircraft lavatories. Smith, therefore, is tapping into an as-yet-unexplored consumer base, as well as strengthening my resolve to never use an airplane bathroom again. Nevertheless, AdFreak wishes Bob the best of luck on his creepy new venture. And if he fails, at least he won’t be the first.

—Posted by David Kiefaber