New Audi A4 Is Just 2,500 Twitter Followers Away

Canadian dealer sets up virtual auto race

Canadian ad agency Lowe Roche and its Toronto car client Pfaff Auto, last seen orchestrating a sneaky/cool direct mail piece for Porsche, are back with another buzzy project. This time, it's a virtual race for a real Audi A4. Contestants can sign up for the race at The first 10 contestants to add 2,500 new Twitter followers will each win a key. One of those keys will unlock the door to the 2013 Audi—the winner gets a year's free lease on the car and a tuning package worth $5,000, courtesy of Pfaff Auto. The 10 key holders will be invited to a gala event at Pfaff Auto, where the winner of the new car will be revealed. "We wanted to engage true car enthusiasts with a contest that was fun and challenging, with a premium prize, in keeping with both our target and the dealership itself," says Sean Ohlenkamp, digital creative director at Lowe Roche. "The simplicity of Twitter as a social media channel appealed to us. We knew we could make the platform work in an interesting way, and increase Pfaff's digital presence at the same time." If you're interested, you'd better hurry. The race began this morning at 8 a.m. EST. But don't worry—the current leader appears to have added just two new followers. (Oh, and it's open only to Ontario residents 25 and over.) Posters and credits after the jump.


Client: Pfaff Auto, Toronto

Campaign: Pfaff Tweet Race

Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto

Creative Directors: Dave Douglass, Pete Breton

Digital Creative Director: Sean Ohlenkamp

Art Director: J.P. Gravina

Copywriter: Simon Craig

Producer: Kevin Quan

Account Director: Dave Carey

Account Coordinator: Leo Maia

Technical Lead: Tyler Beggs

Developers: Stephen Hobson, Matthew Gates, Michael McLeod