New Ad Shows the Most Ridiculously Complex and Cool Way to Pour a Baileys

Don't try this at home

R/GA London showcases a large, intricate retro-scientific device that mixes ingredients and pours a perfect glass of Baileys in this spot, which helps introduce a line extension infused with Belgian chocolate for the venerable Diageo brand.

The short online film, Liquid Alchemy—the Art of Baileys Chocolat Luxe, created without any CGI, channels the spirit of Honda's classic "Cog" ad from a decade ago. This machine/factory/Rube Goldberg-esque approach is overused in ads and a tad too familiar for my taste. Still, this one's stylish and could find an audience.

A trippy companion TV spot from ad agency 101 shows chocolate, cream and whiskey flowing and swirling, coalescing into an iPhone 5S—wait, sorry, no, coalescing into a wraithlike woman. It's visually impressive, though the female face that bobs amid the liquor and ice looks a bit like a drowning victim. Waiter, I'll have the Kahlua instead!