New ad likens McCain to Japanese monster

The left-leaning Service Employees International Union demonizes—well, monster-izes, actually—buyout firms that receive sweet tax breaks, in a new spot that uses Japanese monster-movie footage. The skyline-smashing creatures are likened to John McCain, who probably views the comparison as a compliment. Most media reports identify the saurians in the spot as multiple Godzillas. However, anyone who wasted their youth watching The 4:30 Movie on Channel 7 in New York—and geeks and kaiju fans the world over—will recognize the scaly beasts as the cheap Big-G knockoffs from 1967’s Gappa, the Triphibian Monster. In the film, they weren’t evil monsters. They became enraged and bent on destroying civilization only after being misunderstood by mankind. Just like John McCain. UPDATE: Dennis Kucinich, by the way, is the Gamera the Giant Flying Turtle of the political scene: well intentioned, but forever fated to retreat back inside his shell.

—Posted by David Gianatasio