Never-before-seen images of Lee Clow and David Lubars

Yesterday, we wrote about some weird auctions going on at eBay for the URLs, and Not to belabor the seller, Ad Scribe’s, strange obsession with URLs of agency creative chiefs (though I suspect this is all part of some stealth effort, maybe to do with an awards show?), but the visuals accompanying the auctions for Clow
and Lubars are worth sharing: above, the Lubars bobblehead doll, and at right the piece of toast containing the visage of Lee Clow. Sadly, none of these actual items are for sale, if they exist at all. Maybe that helps explain why, to date, no one has placed a bid. (If you missed the Alex Bogusky commemmorative plate, it’s further down the page.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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