Never in doubt: Donny’s oft written about

Deutsch_book_3Maybe you’re seeing this cover of Donny Deutsch’s book on AdFreak yet again and saying, “No, no, enough already. Stop!” But alas, we feel, as a service to our readers, that we should point out that the "Media Bubble" column in the new issue of Fortune is about Donny. Titled, “Donny vs. Deutsch: Conflicts of an Ad Man” (get the allusion to David Ogilvy’s first book?), to some extent it doesn’t cover ground that hasn’t already been well-covered by industry insiders; we all know there’s been endless conversation/speculation/insinuation regarding whether Donny’s increasingly high media profile has something to do with the agency’s concurrent slump. However, there are some anecdotes worth reading, including this one: “ … early in his career, when he was frustrated with his lack of press coverage, he went to New York public relations guru Howard Rubenstein for help. Rubenstein told Deutsch that veteran Madison Avenue provocateur Jerry Della Femina was leaving the stage, and there was an opening for another loud, irreverent adman. Deutsch filled the void (he says he doesn’t remember any such conversation, though Rubenstein does).”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor