NetZero is ready to fix this stupid economy

One man's downturn is another's business opportunity. (See, for example, With everyone hit hard by the economy, Internet service provider NetZero has come up with an ingenious idea: We'll all downgrade from expensive broadband Web access and choose $9.95-a-month NetZero dial-up instead. OK, it seems like a bad idea, considering all the doomsday stuff that's being written about how far the U.S. has fallen behind countries like Korea in broadband penetration and quality. Still, as Mark Goldston, CEO of NetZero parent United Online, explains, the Internet's the Internet. What's a little extra buffering time? The upshot: We'll have another $16 billion to spend elsewhere—a much quicker boost to the economy than some silly public works projects repairing our crumbling infrastructure.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey