Netflix Creates the Best Worst Website for Its New Cartoon, BoJack Horseman

A disturbing flashback to the '90s Internet

Netflix has done quite a bit of clever marketing in its recent past, from the minimalist teasers for House of Cards to its fake listings for shows featured in Arrested Development.

The streaming service's newest oddity is part of the promotion for BoJack Horseman, an upcoming Adult Swim-ish show about a talking horse who's fallen on hard times after the demise of his 1990s sitcom. 

The promo site is designed to perfectly mimic not just a '90s GeoCities page, but also to autoplay the theme song from BoJack's defunct sitcom, Horsin' Around. (Think of it as Full House and Charles in Charge meets Mr. Ed.) 

We have to wonder: How long did it take to make this look so convincingly stupid? I mean, the little sub-window with a pair of scroll bars that lead to a "dead" image—that's hard to do these days! The mouseovers that make the font size inflate? Literally years have been spent trying to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen. So hats off to the fine folks in the marketing department at Netflix for briefly un-fixing the Internet. 

The series, starring Will Arnett (obviously), Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie and Aaron Paul, will premiere on Aug. 22, Netflix announced today.

And now, the opening theme to Horsin' Around. You're so, so welcome.