Nestea Drinkers Don’t Mind a Little Age Gap

This Nestea spot from Wieden + Kennedy London starts out like a typical lame-brain beer commercial, with a pair of scruffy guys at the beach spinning a bottle to pick out which bikini-clad chick one of the slackers will hit on. When the bottle stops, however, it's pointing at a senior-citizen sweetie. Oh man, bummer. The twist is that she turns out to be a great date, and the pair enjoy a fun-filled day of sightseeing, riding scooters, snorkeling and diving off cliffs. Righteous, dude. It's a well-executed concept that, depending on your point of view, either inverts the stereotypical portrayal of older folks in ads by making one of them vivacious and "with it," or supports stereotypes by showing a mature woman having to behave like a twentysomething to appear vital. Either way, the spot's Romeo benefits from using his companion's senior discount at local merchants. Talk about a new wrinkle.