Nerds aiming stun guns at Sci Fi rebranding

Sci Fi Channel's rebranding as "Syfy"
has created the worst cable-network name since Court TV became whatever
the hell it's been calling itself lately. (It's TruTV, but I had to
Google to make sure, and I cover this stuff for a living.) On the SyFy
front, Mediaweek reports the predictable outrage among Tweeting genre geeks.
One fan decries the name-changers as "marketroids." Well, that's just
playing on the stereotype of the robotic, data-driven marketer. The
40-year-old virgin who wrote that should move out his folks' basement
and get some new material. (So should I, come to think of it.) Maybe
it's all a big publicity ploy and Sci Fi really intends to keep its
current moniker. Then again, marketroids aren't usually programmed to
take bold risks, so it's doubtful. They claim "Syfy" is all about
heightened brand awareness. Ditto the new tagline: "Imagine greater."
When it comes to the new name, most of us wish the network had done
just that.

—Posted by David Gianatasio