Need a Good Cry? These Beautiful Short Films About Strong Women Should Do the Trick

Stellar long-form ads from Thailand

"My Beautiful Woman" is a series of three short ad films totaling 20 minutes of running time. And while that might sound like an eternity on YouTube, in this case it's definitely worth it.

The stories—narrated in Thai, subtitled in slightly broken English—are beautiful, emotional and likely to move sentimental types to tears. (They did for me, anyway.) The real surprise is that they're for lingerie brand Wacoal, though you'd never know it from the completely unsexual storytelling. 

Each movie tells a story about a "beautiful woman," and then quietly closes with the copy "Wacoal believes all women were created to be beautiful." Then comes a request: "Who is your beautiful woman? Post a photo and hashtag #MyBeautifulWoman."

I don't want to give away the storylines, because they're lovely and surprising in their subtle twists. Some may argue they're sappy or cloying, and there are certainly some cultural differences to take into account. But feel free to block this off as your sniffly-faced, feel-good moment of the day.

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