Need 40 insane ads? Bring in Gary Busey.

Conventional wisdom has it that Gary Busey is crazier than a sack of weasels. (Check out the 197,000 hits for Gary Busey and crazy on Google.) Perhaps it’s an act. Whatever the case, it gets him commercial work from companies that have little to lose. Recently, we saw him promoting the video game Saint’s Row 2. Now, he’s filmed 40 new off-the-cuff spots for something called GotVMail. An e-mail sent my way says the company’s “young founders, Siamak Taghaddos (26) and David Hauser (25), reveal that Busey’s connection to their company is in his first name, as ‘Gary’ is the name of GotVMail’s mascot.” Hard to argue with that. I didn’t watch too many of the spots. In fact, I stopped after the one above, in which Busey utters the phrase “stupid, misfortunate placenta.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd