A neat way of blowing up the fine print

Say what you will about Barry Bonds, but there’s really only
one asterisk that concerns me on a daily basis. It’s the one that hovers next
to almost every price you see advertised for a monthly service. So in a world
beset by phrases like “starting as low as” and “for the first three months,”
you have to appreciate a new service offered by BestBuys.com. (Yeah, so it’s
one of those sites that profits off navigation-bar typos. Try not to hold that
against them.) The site’s Fine Print Product Reviews pit major service
providers head to head
. The reviews seem fair and practical, and they cover
services ranging from dating sites to anti-virus software. Plus, they dig up
some interesting tidbits from the fine print, such as the late fees Blockbuster
doesn’t mention in its anti-Netflix ads. Now if only the reviewers could help
break down all those presidential candidates, I’d be set.

—Posted by David Griner