NBC knows best with its ‘Gladiators’ host

NBC has picked Japanese advertising star Hulk Hogan to host its revival of American Gladiators. Hogan, of course, is also the man who made American professional wrestling what it is today—a depressing melange of clumsy bodybuilders and porno-grade acting. Then again, it’s still more sophisticated than two guys with one name apiece hitting each other with giant Q-tips. In any case, NBC sees Hogan as “the perfect fit” for Gladiators because of “his experience as a physical performer during his years with the World Wrestling Federation,” to say nothing of the blatant cry for help that was Hogan Knows Best. That said, his reality show did pull in decent ratings, which means Hogan has a chance of drawing enough viewers to make this revival stick. But wrestling fans who saw the numbers for his last main event in Memphis probably won’t be as optimistic.

—Posted by David Kiefaber