Nature would like a taste of your Sierra Mist


Trees plot to bash a hiker on the head and steal his Sierra Mist Natural in this spot by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. One of the leafy perps has an uncomfortably "jivey" delivery. In a second spot, posted after the jump, two boulders sound like a middle-aged, New York, Jewish-y couple as they discuss a recurring dream in which they have mouths. Maybe this campaign is a bad dream, though it's funny in parts. All I know is, every time I've spoken to rocks, or overheard trees scheming to harm humans, there hasn't been a hint of stereotypes. (I should cut down on the Mountain Dew.) For a more thoughtful take on "talking" trees, check out this Eos magazine campaign by Happiness in Belgium. The accent's undetectable. Actually, the tree's hooked up to high-tech measurement apparatus to "tell" the story of its daily life. Unlike the Sierra Mist thieves, Eos's tree really has something to say.