Nation enthralled by Hammer pants dancers

So, A&E has gotten well over 1 million views on YouTube for this "Hammer Pants Dance" video promoting its upcoming Hammertime reality series. Maybe Web 2.0 isn't so much "social media" as "Internet for dummies." Sure, I watched the clip of amateur dancers in M.C. Hammer-style baggy gold pants busting their awkward, Hammer-style moves four times, but in a purely professional capacity. Next up, of course, A&E plans to recreate the antics at New York's Grand Central Station. Jaded commuters at that historic depot will hardly notice, having been assaulted by all sorts of marketing stunts, from the exposition of the world's largest wheel of cheese to an invasion of technophile "living mannequins." Now, if the dancers donned Ed McMahon masks, we're talking a coast-to-coast media circus, or at any rate a mention on NY1.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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