Nannerpus inches toward world domination

If you're going to create a fake ad within a real ad, you might want to make sure the fictional one isn't the better of the two. Nannerpus, the eponymous banana beast from the fake part of the Denny's Super Bowl spot of the same name, has become a minor sensation on the Web. YouTube is awash in clips built around the catchy but grating jingle, "You can call me the Nannerpus, Nannerpus." Let's see, there's Nannerpus vs. Godzilla, Nannerpus vs. obscene Christian Bale and Nannerpus vs. this child's dignity. But my personal favorite (other than the extrapolated ballad shown above) is the clip in which Denny's breaks a young girl's heart by interrupting the magic that is Nannerpus.

—Posted by David Griner

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