Nancy Pelosi melted in rival’s witch-hunt ad


John Dennis is running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, but why resort to childish name calling when you can dress Pelosi up as the Wicked Witch of the West and splash water on her from a bucket labeled "Freedom." Let's skip the commentary about how kitsch this Wizard of Oz parody is and go straight to the feminist theory. Poor moronic Dorothy doesn't care about political parties. She just wants someone to save her from mounting debt. Which Dennis does by dousing the crazy bitch who's causing all the problems. If you recall, Dorothy was the heroine of the original story and didn't need saving. And do I even have to get into the history of calling women witches, particularly wicked ones? That's the thing about borrowed metaphors—the cultural baggage they bring along for the ride. But with Dennis trailing in the polls and short on funds, he probably figured getting attention for a bad ad was better than getting no attention at all. Right now, the spot is only online, but donate here if you really want it on TV. It's anyone's guess how Dennis might deal with demon sheep should he ever come across a pack of them.