Mysterious NYC Ad Agency Headquartered in a Phone Booth

Who are Clark&Kent?

In today's rough economy, many companies are striving to keep their overhead low. But Clark&Kent takes this trend rather far, billing itself as "the ad agency with headquarters in a phone booth in New York." Ogilvy's staff better take note—this kind of creative economizing could give Martin Sorrell ideas. (A call box might be seen by some as a step up from Ogilvy's 11th Avenue digs, depending on its proximity to public transportation and a Starbucks.) You know, at certain angles, I can see right through that Clark&Kent booth. It's like I've got X-ray vision! Anyway, the startup has cute pop-out phone-booth business cards and seems adept at generating self-promotion with the whole secret-identity schtick. This mild-mannered reporter dug for details, and I received in reply a picture of three dudes in masks and was informed that the trio's motto is, "It's terrific, it's fantastic, it's kryptonastic!" Hey, that's super, men. At some point, though, it might be wise to move beyond the teaser, before media and public interest, ever so fickle, flits up, up and away. Via Ads of the World.