MySpace’s Tom Anderson is an old fogey

Shocked. I am shocked and appalled. There are some things in life you can’t help but trust, like the accuracy of MySpace profiles. Now comes word that a man on MySpace lied—lied!—about his age, subtracting five years. How would he even think of that? Next you’ll tell me all those scantily clad women who want to be my friends on MySpace didn’t just move to this area. It turns out this lying MySpace guy is everybody’s friend, site founder Tom Anderson. He said he was 27 when the site started; he was actually 32. He’ll be 37 next week, although his profile says 32. Newsweek flooded the zone to confirm this hot scoop from TechCrunch. How could Tom do this? Is there no honor left?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey