My, Mr. Lauren, that’s a very big logo!

Polo_logo_1When tuning in to a major sporting event these days, it’s always interesting to note how many—I guess they could be called “innovations”—marketers have come up with in ways to display their logos. This year’s U.S. Open, which concluded yesterday with Roger Federer once again holding the massive trophy aloft, featured corporate logos on the two ends of the net, which changed according to which gender was playing. (Lexus for the men, J.P. Morgan Chase for the women.) While that was relatively subtle, I beg to differ with how Ralph Lauren Polo was getting the message across that the ballboys and girls were decked out in Polo: a BIG, honking, 6-inches-tall-at-least rendering of the designer’s polo-player logo on each ballperson’s shirt. (Apparently, he’s actually selling these obnoxious shirts now, too.) Lauren should know that the preppy look is all about subtlety (with the glaring exception of the style’s strange fondness for the colors bright pink and lime green). Those 6-inch-tall logos make me want to run to the bureau and pull out one of my old, frayed Lacostes, featuring the teensy-weensy alligator.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor