Mutual Rescue’s Heartbreaking New Film Explores the Bond Between a Dying Girl and Her Pet Kitten

Meet Kylie and Liza

You may remember Mutual Rescue from their “Eric & Peety” video about a guy whose life was vastly improved—and quite literally saved—by a rescue dog. It was equal parts heartwarming and emotionally crushing, and Mutual Rescue’s new video, “Kylie & Liza,” is even more so. You know, because we haven’t cried enough since Jan. 20.

“Kylie & Liza” is about a 12-year-old girl, Kylie, who gets diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. Her dying wish is for her family to adopt a foster kitten, Liza. The original agreement was that they would adopt a kitten after Kylie was done with chemotherapy. Upon finding out her cancer was terminal, Kylie responded by looking at her dad and asking, “NOW can I have a baby kitty?”

America hasn’t seen that kind of can-do spirit since Chuck Yeager. And yes, of course they got a kitten.

The kitten bonds with Kylie immediately, of course, and becomes a key element of the family’s support system after Kylie’s death.

It’s nice that they featured a cat this time around, too. Cats, while undeniably cute, are often dismissed as unfeeling jerks who live to knock things off desks and suddenly go crazy at raw hours of the morning. This video weakens that stereotype somewhat, and does a wonderful job of exploring how pets can both comfort people and help process grief.

Mutual Rescue, which advocates for pet adoption as a mutually beneficial arrangement for people and animals, is prepping three more films for release later this year. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.