Isaiah Mustafa Vanquishes Fabio, Remains the Old Spice Guy

After slightly more than 100 videos, this week's Old Spice battle between Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio is over. It got a little ugly at the end, with the competing macho TV spokesmen chucking objects at each other (including a giant dinosaur bone) from adjoining YouTube videos. Check out the eight-part conclusion below. (You can keep clicking on the embedded links in the top video, or just watch all eight separately below that.) We now learn that Fabio saw Isaiah as the current incarnation of his former self—the most beloved spokesman on TV—which is why he challenged him in the first place. But of course, bitterness and revenge don't always work out—and Mustafa officially wins the contest by sending Fabio into repeated extraterrestrial exile. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like lives to smell good another day.